Plenary meeting of the Committee of Rehabilitation, Physical Education and Social Intergation of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 24/06/2020.

The meeting was held as a videoconference.


  1. Welcoming participants, presenting and approving the meeting schedule
  2. Congratulations to the elected Rector of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, prof. Bartosz Molik
  3. Information on the members - specialists of the Committee 
  4. Approval of the minutes of the plenary meeting No. 1
  5. Approval of the new Regulations of the Committee for the 2020-2023 
  6. Determining the members and the scope of activities of the Committee: Boards and Task Forces.
  7. Election of the Awards Commission (for the annual award)
  8. Election of the honorary chairman of the Committee and three honorary members.
  9. Approval of the Committee's Work Plan for the 2020-2023
  10. Presentation of the new Committee member in the 2020-2023 term - dr hab. Joanna Kostka: Determinants of physical activity of the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  11. Establishing KRKFiIS PAN as the National Committee cooperating with european and international scientific societies of physical medicine and rehabilitation: European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ESPRM), International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM)
  12. Discussion and comments.